The New England Company is a grant-giving charity. This section of our website provides some examples of projects which have been funded by grants from the New England Company. Please click here for guidance on applying for grants.

Case Studies

New England Company Scholarship

The New England Company introduced a New England Company Scholarship in 1995. The first student to take up the scholarship was a First Nation priest, the Revd' Erwin Oliver, who was introduced by the Revd' Laverne Jacobs the then Chairman of Huron LAIC.

In 1999 the Scholarship was awarded to Mr Barry Bear and his wife Freda, First Nation Canadians from Hodgson, Manitoba where they were part of a Ministry Team providing leadership for the parishes in the area. They were introduced by the Rt Rev Patrick Lee, Bishop of Ruperts Land.

The recipient of the New England Company Scholarship in 2003 was Ms Jillian Harris of the Penelakut Tribe, who was a postulant (ordinand) in the Diocese of British Columbia. She was introduced by the Bishop of the Diocese of British Columbia.

Other Grants in Canada - Inner City Pastoral Ministry, Edmonton

The Inner City Pastoral Ministry (ICPM) conducts a ministry of presence for residents of the inner city neighbourhood of Boyle McCauley in Edmonton. It serves a unique population in that worship by the Community of Emmanuel draws many of the true 'street' people of the neighbourhood, the majority of whom are aboriginal - those with no fixed address and nowhere to call home - and those not likely to be warmly welcomed in many places. They come on Sundays for worship - and for the lunch that is offered following worship. ICPM celebrated its 25th anniversary in ministry to the Inner City of Edmonton in 2003.

Grants in the Caribbean - Youth Programmes in the Diocese of North Eastern Caribbean and Aruba

Among the activities supported by grants made in the Caribbean are the youth programmes of the Diocese of North Eastern Caribbean and Aruba. The Diocesan Youth Commission is an advisory body made up of Island Youth Coordinators from 9 of the 12 islands which make up the Diocese, and meets twice annually for a two-day meeting and planning session. Matters which have formed the theme for discussion by the Youth Commission include Youth Unemployment, Young Men at Risk in Caribbean Societies, Outreach to the Montserratan Youth by the Anglican Church, The Use of the Dramatic Arts in Liturgy and Worship, and there have also been special workshops on Youth and HIV/AIDS.

Grants in the Caribbean - The Punta Gorda Project, Diocese of Belize

The Anglican Church had a presence in Punta Gorda, Belize for about two decades until the late 1970s when St Joseph's mission was abandoned due to the lack of priests and the difficulty of reaching this small isolated town. Punta Gorda is the capital of the Toledo district and is the cradle for the Mayan Indians. It has a population of 25,000 and is the poorest district in Belize.

In 1996 a Canadian seminarian was sent to make an assessment of the situation in the Punta Gorda. The Anglican Church still had a wooden building in fairly good shape, and the seminarian made a recommendation that an outreach programme be established to help the needs of the community. While she was doing her assessment she also began meeting with a small group twice a week, and after she left the group continued meeting and did some repairs on the building. A few months later the Bishop was informed that they would like a priest to visit them, and they pledged that the doors of the Church would never be closed again.

Work has started on a rectory for a permanent priest. St Joseph's mission will serve as a mother church to other congregations in the missions of Monkey River and Punta Negra, especially to the Mayan Indians. There will also be a pre-school in the rectory, for which there is urgent need.

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