The Court

The New England Company is managed by a Court, who are Trustees of the Charity, chaired by a Governor. Members of the Court are required to be practising Christians.

The role of the Court is to oversee the management of the New England Company's assets and investments and to make grants to support its objectives.

The Court meets at least four times a year to consider applications for grants, to consider how the New England Company's income should be spent and generally to oversee the good management of the Charity.

Members of the Court

Officers and Committees

NW Wells
The Hon. Luke Bridgeman
Missions Committee:
THS Duke (Chairman)
The Rev Colin Fox
DMF Scott
WO Stephenson
The Rt Revd Peter Wheatley
Finance Committee:
The Treasurer (Chairman)
The Governor
RJW Milliken
W Rathbone
WMF Scott
Property Committee:
N Kaye (Chairman)
The Lord Rayleigh
GC Stephenson
CJ Talbot
Mrs Nikki Johnson

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